Yesterday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell said he isn’t concerned about regional banks creating systemic risks in the sector.

I couldn’t disagree more.

Rising interest rates have already triggered 3 of the 4 largest bank failures in U.S. history…

And the banks that remain are sitting on $2.2 trillion in unrealized losses.

This is a huge threat that could hit your bank sooner than you think…

But it’s also an incredible opportunity.

In this episode of WSU Premium, I reveal data that suggests Powell is dead wrong… a simple way to protect yourself in a crisis… and a stock that’s likely to benefit from the coming carnage.

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Daniel and I also debate whether Powell signaled a pause to the rate hikes… and whether oil will continue its downtrend as recession fears mount. Plus, I rant about Biden’s awful handling of our nation’s oil reserves.

Finally, we highlight several risks the market currently faces—from the Russia-Ukraine war to global “de-dollarization”—and the best way to protect your portfolio.