Netflix is once again showing it’s the leader in entertainment after announcing a boxing match between—Mike Tyson and Jake Paul…

And a college basketball team gets Daniel’s attention by making a unionized move. 

Next, I show you how you can turn $1 billion into over $3.5 billion in 10 minutes. 

Of course I’m talking about the deal former treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin, just pulled off with New York Community Bancorp (NYCB). 

I recap the crazy events that led to the fall of NYCB, the sweetheart deal Mnuchin and his team are getting, and if further regulation will help the protected banking industry. 

Gold is breaking out to new highs, and finally giving goldbugs something to cheer about. 

Prepare for a rant as I break down what’s really moving gold. Hint: It has nothing to do with the Fed lowering interest rates. 

Plus, I tell you where to invest, and what to avoid, as gold moves higher. 

Fed chair, Jerome Powell, testified before the House Financial Services Committee this week… 

Daniel gives his thoughts on Powell’s remarks and explains where he believes the Fed will put rates later this year. 

And finally, I share a few conversations I’ve had recently regarding AI (artificial intelligence) and why I am absolutely fascinated by this opportunity. 

I explain why AI is not even close to a bubble—it will soon impact nearly every industry in the world. 

I’m so excited about the AI opportunity that I’m launching a new investing service devoted 100% to AI and the best ways to invest in its growth.

It’s called Curzio AI and you can get all the details about the upcoming launch here.