Something’s “off” about today’s market—and there’s a chance we’re about to see a devastating move that could catch everyone off guard.

Think about it: Despite serious risks like inflation, interest rates, and the banking crisis…

The market is still holding up, and housing demand remains strong.

Can this really last?

And what will it mean for your portfolio if it all comes crashing down?

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In this episode, Daniel and I also examine the latest earnings reports from several major names…

We break down Tesla’s awful quarterly results… and Daniel’s biggest fear about the EV market…

And explore the future of crypto regulation—and what’s on the horizon for this potentially explosive industry.

I also share my biggest concern for the market right now: the anti-dollar rhetoric gaining momentum across the globe—especially in the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). Daniel and I discuss how an alliance between these nations could impact the U.S. dollar and the global markets… and which assets will benefit most as global tensions continue to escalate.

Plus, we share this week’s Dollar Stock Club pick—a 6% dividend-payer that could also hand you substantial capital gains if you move fast.

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