Chipmaker ARM Holdings (ARM) begins trading today in the biggest IPO of 2023. 

I break down the hype surrounding the company…

And why tech giants like Nvidia, Intel, and Apple plan to scoop up shares.

Should you invest, too?

The latest Producer Price Index (PPI) data shows energy prices are surging. 

Here’s what Daniel and I think the Fed should do next. 

Daniel thinks they’re crazy if they don’t do this… 

And my prediction might frighten you.  

How the heck is the market still near its all-time highs?

Let me explain. 

And as the country prepares for next year’s elections, Daniel and I debate whether the government will do anything to bring down oil prices. 

Hint: We disagree completely. 

What side will you be on? 

Finally: Bad news is coming in the Fed’s fight against inflation. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

This week’s Dollar Stock Club pick is a perfect play on higher-for-longer inflation. It’s a dominant player in food delivery and I believe its shares will soar as two major catalysts unfold.