A U.S. district judge has forbidden government officials from meeting with social media companies to censor content. 

The ruling follows claims the Biden Administration pressured companies to block certain information. 

We give our thoughts on the ruling… rant about election interference… and share how to profit from companies in bed with Big Brother.

Next, we explain what the recent Fed meeting really means… and point out how the Fed is influencing inflation data in a major way. 

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As the stock market rallies, valuations are looking super stretched—even for giants like Apple (AAPL). 

We share some indicators that show a slowdown is on the horizon.

Next, Daniel shares a wild stat on dividend stocks…

I explain why dividends are dead… 

And highlight a better investment strategy for this market.

I’ve been pounding the table about how we’re about to see a major rotation out of Big Tech and into small caps. 

I go over the data showing just how cheap this corner of the market is right now… and highlight an example of a big winner from our Curzio Venture Opportunities portfolio. 

This hated stock started soaring a couple of months ago—and the run isn’t over yet.

This week, Saudi Arabia announced it will continue cutting oil production through August. Daniel—who’s been bullish on energy—shares why his thesis is still intact… and why a recession shouldn’t worry oil investors.

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I highlight ANOTHER big winner—an oil stock—from the portfolio.

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After a miserable year in crypto, the tide is turning now that the SEC has clarified its approach to the industry. This week’s Dollar Stock Club pick is a crypto-focused company that’s years ahead of the competition… and will benefit from the new bull market.