If you haven’t watched the Netflix roast of Tom Brady, I strongly recommend it—but make sure the kids aren’t around. In addition to being hilarious… it highlights how Netflix (NFLX) continues to dominate the streaming world.

Speaking of streaming, what’s up at Disney? And is its recent deal with Warner Bros. (WBD) a big win… or a big mistake?

Lately, the Fed presidents all seem to be saying the same thing—and I tell you what that means. 

Airbnb (ABNB) is getting hammered—but why? Daniel and I discuss what the company’s results say about consumers… And I share whether I’d be a buyer at current levels.

SEC Chair Gary Gensler appeared on CNBC earlier this week—and took the opportunity to once again bash crypto. Daniel and I discuss if this will actually make crypto stronger.

Speaking of crypto, I give my take on the latest news surrounding the FTX collapse… and why it’s unlike any other bankruptcy in history.

Finally, we reveal this week’s Dollar Stock Club pick…

As AI continues to disrupt just about every sector, energy demand will skyrocket for the foreseeable future… This is just one of the tailwinds driving the new uranium bull market—and this week’s pick is poised to reap the rewards of rising uranium prices.