More cancel culture bulls***…

Barstool CEO Dave Portnoy recently caught a journalist preparing to publish a “hit piece” against him… and cold-called her to get answers. 

I start today’s show by ranting about cancel culture.

Yesterday, the Fed kept interest rates unchanged… but indicated we could see another rate hike later this year. 

The news sent the market lower. 

Daniel and I debate whether the Fed made a mistake by not hiking rates—and whether they’re likely to move their inflation target. 

But we agree on one thing: how high rates will be when the Fed is finally done. 

Warning: This will likely upset you. 

The market is stuck in neutral right now—making it tough to find opportunities for profit. But that doesn’t mean they’re not out there…

We share some of our favorite sectors right now. 

Plus, we highlight Bank of America’s recent report of its “best-in-breed” names—and one notable sector that’s not on the list.

Finally, we reveal this week’s Dollar Stock Club pick—a household name with several big catalysts that should fuel massive growth… including an improved business model, a new CEO, and a game-changing acquisition.