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Why the market is getting smoked

I’m coming to you from the Nuclear Energy Institute’s Fuel Conference (NEI) in Boston.

Today I’ll share a sample of my presentation, The Uranium Cycle Has Turned While Hiding in Plain Sight.

And you know, it’s a funny thing about the market—it doesn’t care what you’ve done… only what you’re going to do.

GDP growth is strong… third-quarter earnings are coming in +22%… but the market is getting smoked.

It’s pricing in the potential negative implications from Chinese tariffs, rising interest rates, rising input costs, difficulty raising prices, and a strong dollar…

So how are professional allocators thinking about the market uncertainty? My guest, former NFL linebacker-turned-businessman Chad Cascadden, talks to them regularly… and shares his take.

(transcript to come)

Topics discussed:

  • Live from Boston at the NEI: The (surprising) impact of high mining costs on nuclear power providers
  • Brutal equity markets mean reality is setting in
  • What capital allocators are looking for
  • What business and football have in common

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