Some of the world’s top money managers pay him $40,000 for a single trading idea…

Mike Alkin’s “Moneyflow Trader”

Gain access to one of the hedge fund world’s most sought-after traders… and learn his simple technique for making 800% or more on a single trade — no matter what the markets are doing

Dear Reader, 

He’s not a flashy dresser…  

He doesn’t have a penthouse on the Upper East Side – even though he could… 

Mike Alkin is a family man… 

He lives in a quiet suburban neighborhood on Long Island… not far from the local Applebee’s… 

And only a short jaunt from where I grew up on the streets of Queens. 

When he invited me to his house for a barbeque, I insisted on bringing the wine. 

He requested a bottle that cost less than $20 – his wife’s favorite. 

No, you’d never know it by looking at him – or even talking to him – that this man was recently a senior partner at a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund.

Or that he made over $100 million for his clients while he was there. 

And you’d especially never know that he’s one of the most sought-after analysts among the hedge fund elite – despite the fact that he retired years ago.  

So sought-after that they’re willing to pay him $40,000 for a single trading idea.

Let me say that again… 

When some of the world’s smartest, wealthiest, most powerful men and women on Wall Street are looking for a good investment idea… 

Men and women who themselves are running billions of hedge fund dollars… 

They turn to Mike. 


Because over the course of 20 years on Wall Street, Mike has perfected a way of analyzing stocks…

A finely tuned system… 

That helps him identify huge winners in virtually any market environment. 

Just how effective is this system? 

Well, take 2008, for example… 

The worst one-year stock market decline in modern history. 

During that year, as the S&P 500 crashed 40%…

Mike used his system to make 812% on a single trade

He used it again to make 773% on another.  

And these were far from isolated cases… 

That same year – the year that saw the destruction of retirement accounts all over America… 

Mike used his system to pick off some big winners: 

  •  141% on Pool Corporation
  •  188% on Tiffany & Co. 
  •  209% on U.S. Steel
  •  278% on Metalico Inc.

All in a single year… 

And that’s just a small sampling… 

In this short presentation, I’m going to tell you all about Mike…

His unusual path to becoming one of the world’s most influential traders…

And most importantly…  

I’m going to show you how you can start using Mike’s system today – right away – to make double, triple, and perhaps even quadruple-digit gains in your own portfolio. 

But first… a few caveats… and a big word of warning…

Why This Might Not Be For You

When you decide to join Mike, you’re entering a very secretive society.  

Discretion is paramount. 

If you’re not comfortable keeping things close to the vest, please stop reading now. 

The only reason this works is because Mike has continuous access to his network – most of whom refused to be named here. 

I know this sounds like Hollywood cloak-and-dagger type stuff.  

So let me explain…  

You see, lots of guys in our business like to talk about their Rolodexes… 

They like to mention how they’ve got guys like Mark Cuban on speed dial. 

Or how they had dinner the other day with Tony Robbins. 

They’ll drop vague hints about “heads of state” and other “higher-ups” in government giving them privileged information. 

It sounds impressive. 

But the fact is – for the right amount of money – I could probably get a sit-down with any one of these guys. 

They get paid hefty sums to speak in public… to give interviews… 

Fork over enough cash and you, too, could have access to these “elites.”

Mike, on the other hand, doesn’t need to pay for access. 

On the contrary, he’s usually on the other end of it… 

Getting solicited by CEOs and company reps to arrange high-level meetings for them. 

I witnessed it firsthand at a commodities conference early this year in Vancouver. 

Mike was offered $50,000 to arrange meetings in New York with some of his hedge fund buddies. 

That’s as much as Colin Powell… Ron Paul… Steve Rattner… Jeremy Siegel… Jeb Bush… Madeleine Albright… and Dallas Fed Chief Robert Kaplan… 

Just to name a few… 

Are paid to give an entire speech.

And all Mike had to do was give an introduction. 

He declined.  


Because the kinds of people Mike has access to are the kinds of people who don’t want their names dropped… 

Don’t care to be known. 

It’s their secrecy… their anonymity… that opens doors that 99.9% of the world will never know exist. 

This is the world you’re entering. 

As a full-fledged member, you’ll have access to this inner circle. 

And I hope you understand how valuable this is. 

It’s discretion that has allowed Mike to remain an integral part of this inner circle – to be in a position to both influence it… and profit from it… 

So we ask that you respect the group’s secrets… and this powerful network of men and women. 

If you’re okay with keeping secrets, here’s what you need to know…

In this short presentation, I’ll tell you all about the kinds of trades you’ll be making… 

And why Mike believes they’re the key to making huge gains in the markets over the long term… 

Especially in the rocky market environment he sees coming on the horizon. 

What kinds of gains am I talking about? 

Well, if you’ve been listening to my podcast, you’ve witnessed it firsthand. 

Mike mentioned two of his predictions as a guest on Wall Street Unplugged.

Using Mike’s Moneyflow system, if you had taken a position in just one of them – Dean Foods… 

You could have made 808% in about seven months. 

If you had taken a position in the other – Newell Brands… 

You could have made a whopping 1,478%… in less than 6 months.

And those are just the most recent examples…

100% Gain? Peanuts

As I said, before joining Curzio Research, Mike was regularly making seven- and eight-figure trades as a partner at one of country’s biggest hedge funds. 

Hundreds of millions of dollars were on the line at any given time. 

The partners weren’t selective in the kinds of opportunities they’d consider. 

They weren’t focused on oil, gold, real estate, or any other sector… 

There was only one directive: make money. 

So Mike became an expert in virtually every area of the markets. 

And his trades ran the gamut… 

Everything from bank stocks to big-box retailers… luxury brands to fast food restaurants. 

For example, he bought shares of Orient Express Hotels back in 2009.

He put about half a million dollars in. 

By the end of the year, he’d more than doubled his investment.   

But that was small potatoes when it came to some of the winners Mike racked up. 


In 2010, he invested some of the firm’s capital into ITT Educational Services. 

He made his firm an astounding 932% on that trade. 

Again, in less than a year. 

In just a moment, I’m going to show you exactly how, over the span of 20 years, you could have used Mike’s system to generate these kinds of returns… 

Over and over again… 

And how, if you join our group today, you could easily see these kinds of returns on a regular basis. 

But to truly understand how this is possible… 

And why no one I’ve ever met has been able to replicate Mike’s performance… 

You need to understand exactly how Mike put it all together in the first place.

Because it’s what’s going on behind the scenes that makes it all possible… 

An FBI Raid

The first thing you need to know… 

The reason I was so attracted to Mike’s work in the first place… 

Is that he isn’t like most guys that end up on Wall Street. 

He didn’t graduate from some fancy college. 

In fact, he didn’t graduate from college at all until he was 29 years old… 

For most of his twenties he worked at the paint company Sherwin-Williams – moving up over the years from paint mixer to store manager. 

He went to school at night. 

That’s where he learned he was quick with numbers. 

Stupid quick. 

He worked a couple years as a Broker, but hated it. 

He was much more interested in analysis than cold-calling prospective clients and pitching stocks. 

But the higher-ups said such analytical jobs were for the guys who went to Wharton, Princeton, Yale… 

The guys with the pedigree. 

Obviously, Mike didn’t give up… and I’ll tell you more of the story in a little bit… 

Believe me, it’s incredible. 

But for now, the most important fact is this…

A few years later, he wound up at an arranged meeting in the office of Tony Campbell, founder of hedge fund TC Management. 

And he would soon make his reputation on one of the most infamous calls in modern stock market history. 

I’ll let Mike tell it himself… 

It happened very early in my career, almost immediate. 

It was back in the latter part of the 90s in the for-profit education sector, which was really on fire. 

The stocks were doing exceedingly well.  

The value proposition, as pitched to the students was: “Listen, you may not be cut out for a traditional education, but you don’t need to be…

“Come to us, and we’ll train you in a skill… 

“Not only will we train you, but we will put you through the… an employment process and we’ll help you find a job, and you’re going to get a job at really high paying rates.” 

It sounds great, right? 

Back in the late 90s, we had started noticing that one of these schools was… The numbers were really starting to not make sense…

We figured, ‘Well, what’s the best way to really understand the value of the education that these kids are getting?’ 

What we do in that case is we would go out into the field.

In my case, what I would do is I would fly to a certain city and I would take a duffle bag with me. 

I would change my clothes into work clothes, construction clothes. 

I would go to a local paint store. 

I would buy a quart of paint that would put a little paint on me. 

I’d walk into the schools in the evening, and I’d talk to an instructor or an admissions rep. 

I’d say, “Hey, can I get one of these jobs that promise me $75,000 – $100,000 a year for being a network programmer?” 

They’d say, “Absolutely.” 

Then, I would go through the test. 

It just so happens that I would take that special 50 question Wonderlic test. 

I would not even check my answers. I’d just write any answer. 

Lo and behold, I was told at the end of each one that I was probably the highest test score they’ve ever had. 

Lo and behold, they just happened to have a class starting. 

Wouldn’t you know it, the government was going to help me along the way. 

The reality is none of that was true. 

I don’t know how my test was, but I know I did not get the highest test score because I didn’t try. 

I just checked the box. 

You realize pretty early on that there was a… something not right. 

I would go into the parking lots of these schools in the evening and just wait for students to come out on their break and just start talking to them.  

And they would say, “Well, you know, I went. I joined class, I wasn’t happy. I went to drop out and next thing you know, I’m getting hit with the student loan…  

But the reality is I dropped out before I should have had a student loan.” 

You realize, “Oh my goodness here, there’s a major problem.” 

Students were going into classes, they were dropping out. They were not having their withdrawal slips put in properly. 

They were getting saddled with student debt.

When you would talk to those students who were still in the school, the vast majority felt the value proposition wasn’t there. 

That’s the information we do. Then, what do you do with that information…

What Mike did was take the information to the education committees of the U.S. House and Senate.

Then he went to the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Education. 

He didn’t hide his agenda. He told them he wanted the companies to fail so his hedge fund could make a fortune shorting the stocks. 

But the facts were right. 

He believed the students were getting scammed.

And at one company in particular: Computer Learning Centers of America (CLCX).  

It seemed to fall on deaf ears. 

After a while, his phone calls stopped being answered. 

It seemed all the work he had done was going nowhere. 


It all came crashing down. 

Unbeknownst to Mike, the reason the Inspector General stopped taking his calls is because, based in large part on Mike’s investigation, the FBI had gone deep undercover. 

One day Mike walked into the office and was greeted with the news that the FBI had raided CLCX. 

The jig was up. 

And the stock was completely wiped out. 

It went all the way to zero. 

A 100% winner. 

As huge a win as you can have when you’re shorting a company. 

It made Mike a star at his new firm. 

More importantly, it completely upended the for-profit education sector.

Rules and regulations were eventually rewritten to offer more protection for prospective students. 

He calls it his most rewarding experience as an analyst. 

And it was far from the only example…

 Two Epic Calls

Like in 2008, when the price of steel was soaring… 

And steel stocks along with it. 

U.S. Steel’s shares, for one, had climbed from about $10 in 2003 to over $180 by 2008. 

Mike put together a team and went to Cleveland. 

He had reason to believe the steel bubble was about to pop. 

He arranged four days of meetings with steel-makers, recyclers, marketers, distributors… and anyone else willing to talk. 

During one of those meetings, a steel broker walked over to a fax machine, grabbed a thick stack of papers off the tray, and handed them to Mike. 

Mike had no idea what he was looking at – just columns of abbreviations and numbers. 

The broker explained it was pages of extra inventory the steel mills sent out every morning, ready to be discounted.  

A couple months prior, this report was maybe two pages. 

What Mike held in his hands was more like 35. 

And, as the broker explained, it was getting bigger by the day. 

He told Mike that if he wanted to really see what was going on, to take a drive by the open fields around the airport. 

He did. 

And what he saw were rows and rows of steel, stacked as far as the eye could see. 

Just sitting there in the fields… with nowhere to go.

Prices had run so high so fast that supply was now exponentially greater than demand. 

Armed with this first-hand perspective, Mike officially called the top in early 2008.  

And he nailed it. 

U.S. Steel peaked that year around $190 a share… then plummeted as low as $25 just a few months later – an 86% drop. 

He did the same thing with oil by visiting Williston, North Dakota – one of the hotspots of the oil shale boom that took off about 15 years ago. 

I know… 

I took this same trip myself – investigating the exact same trend. 

Believe me when I tell you, Williston is literally the middle of nowhere. 

The airport has one terminal.  

The town consists of about two main roads. 

But during the height of the shale boom, even the most modest hotels were going for $400-$500 a night. 

According to one local waitress Mike talked to, guys who barely graduated high school were making so much money working on oil rigs that they were eating steak and lobster and drinking $200 bottles of wine several nights a week.

Mike knew it was bound to end badly. 

And it did.  

Mike called it in October 2014. 

At the time, oil was trading for about $90 a barrel. 

By January 2016, just over a year later, the price was under $30. 

A 66% drop. 

The U.S. Oil Fund, an ETF that tracks the price of crude oil, dropped even more – from about $33 a share to $9 a share. 

A 72% decline.  

In other words, if you followed Mike’s prediction and shorted shares of the U.S. Oil Fund, you could have made 72% in about a year. 

But here’s the crazy thing…

For Mike, that dogged determination, and the intense amount of work that goes with it, is just one step of his process…  

And while a 72% gain in a year… 

Or an 86% gain in a matter of months… 

Is nothing to scoff at… 

He could have done a whole lot better. 

As he recently told me:

“Frank, I wish I could have done this when I was working at my hedge fund. But I couldn’t. 

“We were simply running too much money to make the kinds of trades I want to make now.” 

And that’s precisely why we’ve created Moneyflow Trader.

Same Trades… Exponentially Higher Returns

You see, by using Mike’s Moneyflow Trader system, you could have multiplied those returns exponentially. 

I’m talking about a factor of up to five to ten times more.

Let me be absolutely clear… 

Mike Alkin’s Moneyflow Trader has nothing to do with trading tiny, illiquid stocks. 

This is NOT a microcap service. 

Quite the opposite. 

Mike’s strategy involves trading exclusively on mid- to large-cap stocks… even ETFs. 

So how is he able to generate hundreds, even thousands of percent gains on a regular basis? 

Well… there are two quick things you should know at this point. 

Number one… 

You might have noticed that most of Mike’s big calls have been events in which certain sectors or certain stocks were poised to plummet… 

That’s because Mike’s specialty is picking losers.

He’s a natural skeptic and constantly curious – a nature he honed well during a brief stint as a journalist.  

That’s not to say his system only works on stocks that are going down. 

Not at all. 

In fact, one time I had Mike on Wall Street Unplugged, he predicted that uranium prices were due for a rally.

And uranium stocks would likely soar in the years to come. 

Over the next six months, the price of uranium climbed about 15%. 

And one of the stocks he recommended, GoviEx, popped over 50%. 

But Mike’s passion is sniffing out the dogs of Wall Street.

That’s important for a very simple reason: 

Even during this epic bull market, the vast majority of stocks lose money. 

Just consider this excerpt from an article published by Business Insider in May: 

Over the past 10 weeks… five stocks in the S&P 500 index have gained a total of $260 billion in market value, the infamous FAANG stocks: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (now Alphabet).

And the rest of the S&P 500? 

On March 1, the index closed at 2,394. Today it closed at 2,397. 

In those 10 weeks, it went absolutely nowhere. 

Which means this: the remaining 495 stocks in the index lost as much in total market capitalization as the FAANG stocks gained.

In other words… 

If you were betting on individual stocks to go down, you’d have five chances to be wrong… 

And hundreds of chances to be right. 

When you join Moneyflow Trader, those are the kinds of odds you’re playing with. 

But you won’t have to short a single share. 

Which brings me to point number two… 

Mike’s Moneyflow strategy involves using leverage in a very precise way. 

That’s how he’s able to turn relatively safe and slow-moving mid-cap stocks, large-cap stocks… even huge ETFs… 

Into explosive short-term winners. 

Just take a look at what I mean… 

Here’s that chart of U.S. Steel again. 

Again, soon after Mike called the top in the steel market, shares of U.S. Steel dropped 86% in a matter of months. 

Not a bad gain if you’re shorting the stock… especially for a large hedge fund. 

But now that Mike is running Moneyflow Trader, he would have approached the trade an entirely different way. 

Using Mike’s Moneyflow system… 

You could have made 1,175%.

That’s over 12 times more… in the exact same amount of time. 

If you had used Mike’s strategy on the Market Vectors Steel ETF – a fund that tracks the price of steel… 

You could have made even more. 

Here’s a chart of the index during that same time. 

As you can see, shares of the ETF dropped about 80%.

But using Mike’s Moneyflow system… 

You could have made a whopping 1,616%.

The key to this leveraged system? 

There are actually 16… 

Mike Alkin’s 16-Point System

I told you earlier that Mike’s dogged work ethic is just one step in his amazing process.  

I mean, how many analysts do you know have literally gone undercover – wearing a wire – to get a story?  

I can tell you my answer: Zero. 

But in order to get to that step, an investment idea needs to pass Mike’s rigorous vetting process. 

Fair warning: I can’t get into many of the details here. 

Mike’s system is one he’s honed over an entire career… 

One that people have collectively paid millions to take part in… 

One that hedge fund managers and the Wall Street elite still pay him for. 

$40,000 for a single idea, to be exact. 

But I can tell you this… 

The key to Mike’s success is based in large part on 16 key indicators he uses to quickly identify good investment prospects. 

We call it Mike’s “16-Point System.” 

As a member of Mike’s new Moneyflow Trader service… you’ll not only have unfettered access to this system… 

Mike will show you exactly how you can use it yourself to evaluate any investment you’re considering. 

Again, I can’t tell you much, but I can tell you this: 

There are certain ratios in the market – key ratios – that Mike has uncovered. 

These 16 ratios can be applied to virtually every stock in the market… 

And based on the results… can tell you instantly whether an investment is a potential winner… or a serious dog… 

For example, in 2011, Mike put Brunswick Corp. through his 16-point test. 

All signs pointed to the fact that Brunswick was about to tank. 

Look what happened next. 

Brunswick stock dropped from a high of $22.99 in May to a low of $13.65 in August. 

If you were shorting the stock, you could have made about 40% in a little over three months. 

But using Mike’s Moneyflow system… that same move could have made you 249%

He did the same with Apollo Education in 2012. 

Look at what happened after Mike’s 16 Point System helped to determine it was time to short the stock… 

In a span of about two and half months, Apollo shares dropped 26%.

Not a bad score if you were simply shorting the stock… 

But using Mike’s Moneyflow strategy would have made you a whole lot more. 

That same move would have made you 257%.

257% in two and half months. 

You can probably see now how putting a string of these together could add thousands…

Tens of thousands… 

Even hundreds of thousands of dollars to your portfolio in no time at all.

And with a very small upfront investment. 

These are the kinds of trades Mike says he wishes he could have done at his fund. 

But the fact is, as I said earlier, he was simply running too much money. 

Far too much to support the kinds of trades that can move thousands of percent in a matter of months. 

You can probably guess what I’m getting at…

Huge Upside Potential… Far Less Risk

Mike’s strategy uses options. 

If the idea of trading options makes you a bit uncomfortable, I understand. 

When most people hear “options,” they think day trading… or risky speculation.

Or perhaps you’ve seen some analysts tout the virtues of using options as a way to generate income. 

Mike’s approach is entirely different. 

Again, Mike only focuses on large companies. 

These are not penny stocks that tend to swing wildly from day to day… 

Or unproven biotech ventures that collapse at the slightest whiff of bad news.

We’re talking about stocks like Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, Phillip Morris, Target… 

All of which Mike has traded in the past. 

He knows many of these companies like the back of his hand.

And when he applies the 16-Points to any given stock… he can pinpoint exactly when to strike… down to the day. 

When you’re that certain… why not maximize your advantage?

That’s what Mike’s Moneyflow Trader will allow you to do… 

Time and again.

And he’ll do it using a very specific kind of vehicle: a long-dated put option. 

Here’s the gist of it: A put option is a bet that a stock will fall. 

A “long-dated” put option takes much of the risk out of the position… while still keeping you in line for a huge payday. 

That’s because, unlike options that are sent to expire in a matter of days or weeks… 

Options with expiration dates several months in advance are far less volatile. 

That means you won’t have to worry about what the stock price is doing on a day-to-day basis… 

It also means it’s a lot easier to move in and out of positions should the investment climate change. 

Just like buying and holding a stock, buying and holding a long-dated put is considered a long-term investment… 

But with a much, much greater profit potential. 

As we’ve seen, put options let you leverage Mike’s incredible research… five… ten… even twenty-fold in some cases. 

The trick, of course, is knowing exactly how to do it. 

That’s where Moneyflow Trader comes in. 

Every issue contains precise instructions for maximizing your gains on every trade. 

And if you’ve never bought options before, don’t worry. 

As a new member, you’ll be given step-by-step instructions.

It’s a simple process to understand.   

And you can buy options through any regular broker… in about 30 seconds.  

Still, like I said in the beginning, Mike’s service isn’t for everyone. 

In fact, I’m sure some people stopped reading this presentation the moment I said “options.”

That’s a good thing. 

We want to make sure only the folks who are truly serious are the ones who take slots.  

If you’re still here, that means you’re probably one of them. 

And that’s a good thing too.

Because if you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone just a bit… 

Joining Mike Alkin’s Moneyflow Trader could make you a lot of money over the next year. 

So… is Mike’s service right for you? 

Let me tell you just a little more about Mike and his service so you can decide for yourself…

A Confession…


This is where you’d normally hear about all the connections Mike has in the industry…

And hear testimonials from the men and women he’s helped financially over the years. 

It’s like I say on my podcast every week: it’s about you, not me. 

One of the things I love most about this job is that I get to hear from subscribers like you who have benefited from my work… or simply enjoy my weekly rants. 

I’ve been writing a newsletter for over 20 years. And I’ve been hosting Wall Street Unplugged for over 10.  

So you might say I’ve been in the “public eye” almost all of my adult life. 

Not so with Mike. 

As I said earlier, when you join Mike’s group, you’re joining a very select and secretive society. 

Mike spent 20 years interfacing with some of the most powerful men and women in the world.   

But it was almost always behind closed doors. 

Most of these people are names you wouldn’t recognize. 

Almost all refused to be named anyway. 

Still… each and every one of them has the power to move markets with the push of a button. 

I’m talking about a director at Morgan Stanley who regularly consults with hedge fund managers with over $20 BILLION in assets.

I’m talking about one of the world’s most elite technology traders who was part of the team that sold a start-up to Alcatel for nearly $200 million. 

I’m talking about one of the largest commercial property developers in the country… 

A man so politically connected he got Mike’s entire family on the Senate floor… 

Introduced them to countless congressmen… 

And got Mike a sit-down with Nancy Pelosi. 

No… I can’t tell you their names. Not here.

But once you’re a member? 

Total and complete access to Mike’s network. 

What I can tell you, though, will probably reveal just as much… perhaps even more… about the quality of Mike’s character… 

His work ethic… 

And his ability to make you a lot of money. 

You see, Mike’s a hedge fund guy… 

I actually ducked a meeting with him for quite some time for that very reason.

I didn’t want to sit on the phone with another blowhard from Wall Street. 

But it turned out we had a common friend: Jordan Trimble, the CEO of Skyharbor Resources. 

Jordan made the introduction, so I obliged. 

Turns out… Mike’s about as far from a “hedge fund guy” as you can get. 

We hit it off almost instantly. Talked for 90 minutes. 

I knew then that I wanted to work with him in some capacity. 

I had no idea, just a few months later, we’d be striking a deal for him to come write a letter for Curzio Research. 

But once he told me about himself, about how he got to where he is today… I knew this was a standup guy who would never let me, or you, down. 

Hard work. 



That’s what got Mike on Wall Street. 

Being right – over and over again – is what kept him there. 

I’ve been doing this my entire life. So trust me. 

You simply don’t go from being a paint mixer to a senior partner at a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund unless you’re a consistent, proven, reliable winner. 

Unless you have tremendous ideas – ideas that make your clients a ton of money. 

I’m not talking about hundreds of thousands. 

I’m talking about hundreds of millions. 

And not just for a few quarters or even a few years. 

For your entire career.  

That’s what you’re getting when you join Moneyflow Trader. 

If you need more of a reason than that, I doubt Mike’s work is right for you.

So how much does a membership cost? 

A Very Special Offer

I’ll be honest with you: A one-year membership to Mike Alkin’s Moneyflow Trader isn’t cheap. 

As you’ve seen, Mike’s work is time and labor intensive. 

Just to give you an idea… 

Before coming to work with me at Curzio, I got a look at his checklist for how he evaluates each and every investment he sets his sights on. 

There are 184 questions he asks himself. 

184 individual tests. 

That’s after his 16-Point System analysis… 

And before his exhaustive field work.

And keep in mind… 

For the past 20 years, just to have access to Mike, you’d need to be an accredited investor. 

That essentially means being a millionaire. 

You’d have to give him at least $250,000 to invest… 

And you’d pay a 2% management fee on that money every year. 

That’s whether you made money or not. 

Then you’d pay another 20% on any profits you made. 

What does that come out to? 

Well, say you invested the minimum $250,000 with Mike.

You’d pay $5,000 every single year – whether you made money or not. 

More often than not, of course, you would have made a lot of money. 

That’s another 20%. 

To put that in perspective – in just one of the years Mike was running your money, you would have paid an additional $5,560.

Another year, you would have paid an additional $7,338.  

All in, that’s about $23,000 for just two years’ worth of work. 

But Mike didn’t start Moneyflow Trader to help the rich get richer.

Quite the opposite. 

Mike’s mission is to give hedge fund-level knowledge, guidance, and access to the average investor. 

Which means you won’t pay nearly that much to join Mike’s Moneyflow Trader group. 

In fact, right now, you can get a full year of Mike’s work for a price you might not see again…

Your New Membership Benefits

As soon as you sign up, you’ll have access to all of Mike’s past issues.

Several of them contain actionable recommendations…

So you can jump right in and get yourself set up to potentially make 800% or more on any single trade.

Then, going forward, on the third Wednesday of every month, you’ll receive a new report from Mike detailing what he believes is the best trade in the markets at that time. 

Each one will give you the chance to make hundreds, perhaps thousands of percent in the options market. 

You’ll also have immediate access to these special reports:

Bonus Report #1: Sector Crash: Another Chance at Life-Changing Gains

This report covers a sector Mike believes is due for meltdown. He actually shorted a number of these stocks back in 2008, while he was still at his hedge fund. 

Using Mike’s Moneyflow options strategy back then could have made you a millionaire with a relatively small investment. He sees the same situation setting up now.

In Sector Crash, Mike will break down exactly what’s going on… which stocks he believes are due for the biggest falls… and tell you exactly when to pull the trigger for maximum gains.

Bonus Report #2: The Moneyflow System: Mike Alkin’s Secret Strategy Revealed

This is the most important report of them all. As the name implies, it lays out one of Mike’s most valuable secrets – the keystone to his entire system

It also breaks down exactly what you can expect as a new member of Moneyflow Trader.

You’ll learn the key ratios that make up Mike’s 16-Point System. 

What each of them means… 

Why they’re so important…

And exactly how you can start using them today, on your own, to evaluate any trade you may be considering. 

Using these indicators has been the key to Mike’s unparalleled performance over the past 20 years. 

In this report, he’ll share it all with you.

Bonus Report #3: The Moneyflow Trader Put Option Toolbox

If you’ve never traded long-dated put options before, this report is your step-by-step guide. 

It will show you how to do everything… from getting your brokerage account set up for options trading… all the way to making your first trade. 

It’s incredibly easy. But if you’ve never done it before, you’ll want to read this report first. 

And all of this is just for starters…

As a Moneyflow Trader member, you’ll also have access to everything Mike produces going forward, including any special “members-only” research. 

And you’ll receive regular email updates and special alerts. 

The markets move on a daily basis. 

In-between issues of Moneyflow Trader, Mike will keep you posted on the state of his recommended portfolio, and let you know if his thesis about any of his recommendations has changed. 

From time to time, he’ll even issue special trade alerts as new opportunities present themselves that simply can’t wait until his next issue. 

Just fill out the secure order form below to get started. 

As this year unfolds, I expect Mike will find many more opportunities to make huge gains. 

I hope you’ll join us. 

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Frank X. Curzio
Founder and CEO, Curzio Research