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Barry Cohen

Barry Cohen is a 25-year veteran of Wall Street. He’s worked at some of the biggest investment banks and largest hedge funds in the world.

His specialty: Financial technology.

It’s that deep understanding of where finance and technology meet that ultimately lead him to a passionate study of the burgeoning cryptocurrency market.

By combining Wall Street analytics to the wide open and often misunderstood world of cryptos, Barry has brought a much-needed voice of clarity and reason – and a solid fundamental foundation – to his letter, Curzio’s Crypto Intelligence.

In Crypto Intelligence, Barry uses models he built from the ground up to evaluate the potential of the most promising cryptocurrencies in the market… as well as the most exciting new Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

As you probably know, these are the kinds of opportunities that can turn a very small initial stake into an absolute windfall.

When he’s not reading white papers and tracking coins, Barry spends his time relaxing with his family in South Florida.